Our Mission

RS3 (Rock Solid Shooting Solutions) is dedicated to bringing challenging long-range matches and innovative products to the competitive shooting community.

Our goal at RS3 is to hold the most realistic sniper-style matches in the country. Additionally, we hope to grow the sport of long-range, tactical, and team ruck-style matches. These matches are designed to test competitors shooting abilities while under duress. Physical and mental stresses are added to the matches and individual courses of fire. Fatigue, planning, strategy, team-work, obstacles, and mental exercises are incorporated into long range rifle and combat pistol shooting. Although the stresses are high and the shooting challenging, the matches are designed to be FUN and celebrate the camaraderie of military, LEO and competitive civilian shooters.

Our first products are the rifle and shotgun covers. Made of durable silicone impregnated nylon, these covers keep the rain, sun, and dust off your guns and optics between stages. Shock corded around the bottom, they slip over the barrel and stretch over the gun. Holstered handgun covers and ruck sack rain covers coming soon.


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Joe Burdick, Founder

Joe is a competitive shooter that shoots Sniper/Tactical matches, PRS, NRL, and 3Gun. He is a US Navy veteran, outdoorsman, reloader, hunter, former Corrections Officer, and now a full time Medical/Surgical RN. He has combined his love for precision rifle competitions, action pistol shooting, backpacking, and camping into the production of matches that satisfy his urge to enjoy these activities.......all at once.

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Our Products

Our rifle covers are super lightweight and pack small. Made from silicone impregnated ripstop nylon, they will keep the rain and sun off, and the dust out of your match rifle and optic.

No more gritty actions, slippery stocks, or water drops on your lenses.

I have seen too many custom precision rifles lock and bind up due to windblown dust. No more rain on your optics lenses. No more trying to get a solid cheek weld on a black stock that has been baking in the sun.

Standard and semi-custom sizes available in a variety of colors. Custom colors and true custom sizing available on request.

3Gun, Precision Rifle, Sniper matches, USPSA Multigun ... We have covers to keep your gear cool, clean, and dry.
We recently upgraded the fabric for the covers. They are now sewn from silicone impregnated nylon with a double polyurethane coating on the inside. They are twice as waterproof with no increase in weight.

Made for Americans by Americans in America.

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